90s Pop-oscopes

Get the companion 90s Pop-oscope playlist before reading these or they will make no sense. They honestly don’t make sense either way, but it’s better with music.

His sweater is coming undone. Lay down!


How low? I dunno. Are you bored? Self assured? Oh no, I know [a dirty word]! You will find something hard to find. Not sure what I mean? Whatever, “Nevermind.”


Can you imagine no love, pride, deep-fried chicken, or “Drops of Jupiter” in your hair? Ever tried Tae-Bo with Mozart? You may or may not be lacking in permanent scars. While you are looking for yourself, don’t miss others. (This song makes no sense.)


Let me begin. Get up. All the way until you are standing. Next, throw your hands up - into the air. And just feel it a bit. Now you’re prepared, so “Jump Around.” Jump, Jump, Jump (many many times).

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80s Pop-oscopes

Follow the link to listen to the 80s Pop-oscope playlist for free on Spotify. If you don’t have Spotify, what is wrong with you? It’s free — at least for a while — so click that link and download it!

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Top 10 Tips for Interviewing with Public Interest Employers

Photo courtesy of zombieite’s photostream on For bonus points, pull up to your interview in a Volkswagen Bus.Are you “public interested”? Do you have a burning desire to use your J.D. degree to do something other than make money? If so, we’ve prepared some public interest interview tips that are sure to land you your dream public interest job.

  1. Don’t shower for a few days before your interview.  That way, you’ll look like an “Occupy Wall Street” protester. 
  2. Make sure to come to your interview with a coffee cup from a indepedently-owned shop - you will show that you eschew Corporate America.
  3. Show your most recent Whole Foods receipt to your interviewer.

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Tina Talks: advice for law students

Photo courtesy of JuditK’s photostream on Maybe if you balance your books on your head, their content will seep into your brain. Try it and let us know.Dear Tina,

I feel like I could be studying more efficiently.  Help me out?  Thanks in advance.
—Only kind of reading in the reading room

Howdy Kinda Reading,

I just took a thirty-five-minute study break so that I could craft you a sure-fire guide to more productive learning.  You’re welcome.

Set aside blocks of time for studying in advance.  Pick times when you won’t be distracted and you think you’ll be productive.  Good times, for example, might be 5:00 after Wednesday Wind Down, and another in the early morning hours after bar review.

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